The industry leader in wicketer technology, Hudson-Sharp continues to be the company of choice when it comes to high-quality wicketers. Hudson-Sharp wicketers are known the world over for their reliability to produce high-quality wicketed bags as well as providing maximum flexibility with a modular machine configuration.

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Hudson-Sharp Servo Wicketers

  • 30" (762mm)
  • 42" (1066.8mm)
  • 56" (1422.4mm)
M275W Servo Wicketer

Various Machine Widths & Options

  • Single lane and dual lane wicketers in a variety of machine widths
  • Modular machine base with customizable features
  • High speed options
  • Wicketed Automatic Stack Processor (WASP)
  • Industry leader in hygiene bag attachments, reclosable bag attachments, multiple film web applications, header bags, hole punching, presealers, and many more!
  • Attachments and accessories for a variety of applications
5750W High Speed Servo Wicketer

More on Hudson-Sharp's WASP (Wicketed Automatic Stack Processor)

  • Patented automation system for new or existing Hudson-Sharp servo wicketers
  • Robotic stack transfer system lifts and places the stack of bags onto wicket wires automatically
  • Unique rotary stacking wheel replaces conventional clamping stack process
  • Reduced maintenance and secures pin alignment
  • Hudson-Sharp's ergonomically designed Wicketed Automatic Stack Processor helps reduce hand strain for machine operators and cut down on repetitive motion injuries
Wicketed Automatic Stack Processor

Attachments and Accessories


  • 30" (762mm), 60" (1,524mm), 80" (2,032mm) widths
  • Shaft driven
  • Surface driven
  • Inverse V-board
  • Compact
  • Strap Handle
  • Zipper
  • In-Line


  • Gusseters including disc style, stand-alone, rail  mounted
  • Handle insertion 
  • Longitudinal sealer
  • Presealers
  • Angle sealers
  • Cross sealers 
  • Handle cut-out 
  • Patch handle, glue and heat seal
  • String and flanged zipper attachments 
  • And many more!

Sample Wicketer Styles

wicket4 wicket3
wicket5 wicket6
wicket10 wicket7
wicket8 wicket9


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