Rapid Close® Self-Seal Bags

Hudson-Sharp presents the newest innovative form of flexible packaging — Rapid Close® self-seal bags. Using this patented self-seal bag design and manufacturing technology, Hudson-Sharp can continue to provide cost effective adhesive closures that can be used for a variety of flexible packaging applications. Rapid Close® enables the end-user to close a bag super fast, on the spot, and without the need for sealing equipment.

The Rapid Close® self-seal packaging system is made up of an advanced turn-key attachment designed to fit with existing unwind stands and bag machines. With a permanent or recloseable sealing option, Rapid Close® is designed to meet your specific applications.

Rapid Close® self-seal technology was patented, tested, and moved to a commercial stage via Discovery Packaging Inc., of Toronto, Canada. Hudson-Sharp recently entered into a master licensing agreement covering the manufacturing, marketing, and support for the required high-speed equipment.

Key Features

  • Ability to close a bag on the spot without the need for dedicated equipment
  • Cost effective closure option compared to other flexible packaging products
  • Bags can be made with film gauges as low as 80g (.0008" or 20 microns) allowing substantial material savings depending on the application
  • Choose from either a permanent or reclosable seal, as seal strength can be varied depending on requirements and application specifications
  • Available grouped using wicket, heat pin, or card pack forms to speed up filling/closure process
  • A full or partial seal can be made across the bag opening


Contact us at rapidclose@hudsonsharp.com to learn more!

How It Works

For more videos on Rapid Close® via Discovery Packaging Inc., click here.

Step 1: Insert item into bag Step 2: Pull down and break free of grouping Step 3: Tip bag to one side so weight of object squares up the bag and helps remove wrinkles Step 4: Pull seal and put pressure on adhesive strip to close bag


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Rapid Close®

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