Bag Machine Attachments & Accessories

The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company is credited for many industry innovations:

From formulating unique product introductions to pioneering changes in existing equipment, Hudson-Sharp provides our customers with the highest quality, most cost effective choices for their applications.



Accessories List

  • Carriage Registration System
  • Constant Velocity Infeed
  • Crimp Unit
  • Cross Sealer
  • Draw Rolls
  • Deblocker
  • Film Fold Over - Dual Handle, Columbian Style
  • Gusset Former - Vertical, Disk Style, Tip Gusseter
  • Gusset Strap Inserter
  • Gusset Forming & Unforming Assembly
  • Handle Cutting Assembly
  • Patch Handle Application System
  • Longitudinal Sealing System
  • Perforators - Linear, Pattern, Transverse Gusset
  • Pin blocker
  • Presealers - Standard, Chevron
  • Punches - Bank, Continuous Punch
  • Vacuum Scrap Removal
  • Round & Square Removal
  • Round & Square Bottom Attachments
  • Servo Retrofit Kit
  • Smoke Hood
  • Unwinds
  • Cross heaters with metal to metal sealing shoes for maximum sealing of heavy material
  • Double roll unwind for running two rolls of material
  • Bottom Seal / Twin Seal
  • Bag Index Conveyor
  • Extended Attachments Rails
  • Bottom Gusset Former
  • Lip Turner
  • U Folder
  • Real lift or center guiding on unwind stand for rapid and easy roll changing, hydraulically driven and braked.
  • Double Bottom Gusset Folder
  • Longitudinal Web Slitter
  • Slide Web Slitter
  • Lip Turners
  • Double Handle Cut-off
  • Continuous Motion Drum Sealer
  • Servo Cross Sealers
  • Longitudinal Perforator or Perforating Knives on Blocking Station
  • Many more, depending on your application requirements

Unwind Wicketer



Driven V Board Unwind

Gusset Machine



Rear Servo Draw Roll

Square Botom Close

Square Bottom

Click below for Brochures on Attachments and Accessories:

Attachments and Accessories General Brochure

Cross Sealer/Cross Cooler

Round/Square Bottom

Zipper Sealer

Drum Sealer

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