Upgrades, Attachments, & Accessories

PartsHudson-Sharp has the high quality equipment you need for faster production speeds and machine flexibility. We are dedicated to you and your continued success.

These are a few of the upgrade kits available include:

  • EDC Upgrade - Hudson Sharp's solution to upgrade your machine's obsolete EDC system to a new, state-of-the-art controls platform.
  • Servo Retrofit
  • Digital Servo Upgrade
  • Index Conveyor Drive Conversion
  • Punch Carriage Upgrade
  • Upgrades, attachments, & accessories for Hudson-Sharp, RO-AN, Amplas, FMC, Simplex, and Printex

These are a few attachments & accessories available:

  • Cross Sealer/Cross Cooler/Automatic Registration
  • Drum Sealer
  • Gusset Formers
  • Handle Bags
  • Noise Reduction System
  • Perforators
  • Pin Blocker
  • Post Gusseter with Web Rotation
  • Punching Units
  • Smoke Hood
  • Zipper Sealer
  • and many more!

To view more upgrades, attachments, and accessories, download the 2015 Upgrades Catalog.









For our customers in North & South America
contact Ken Bergman:

+1 (920) 496-1293









For our customers in EMEA/AP
contact Dirk Van Medegael:

+32 2 4640160














Machines Currently Available in Green Bay:




TCA-1400 Transverse Zipper Closure Applicator
Capable of feed lengths from 152 mm (6") to 610 mm (24") for cross-direction closure applications, the TCA-1400 Transverse Zipper Closure Applicator is a sealing module with quick change seal bar assembly, servo driven vacuum belt transfer station, and Allen-Bradley Control Package. Contact Ken Bergman for more information or click here.


CPO Bottomseal Bag Machine
The Hudson-Sharp Model M1406-S clamp stacking bottom seal bag machine operates at a maximum of 100 cpm or 90 mpm (300 fpm). (Actual production rates will vary depending upon film properties, film quality, bag length, and operator skill.) The machine can produce bag lengths from 152 mm (8") to 2500 mm (99"). Normal seal width is 1375 mm (54.25"). Contact Ken Bergman for more information or click here.


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