Bag Machines: Continuous Motion, Draw tape, Bag-on-a-roll

Hudson-Sharp Continuous Motion

Designed for high speed continuous production of high quality, interleaved, or connected bags-on-a-roll.

  • 13" (330mm)                                                                                 
  • 33" (840mm)
  • 51" (1300mm)
  • 87" (2200mm)

Various Machine Widths & Options

  • Reliable, high efficiency production with easy maintenance and quick product changeover times.
  • Bottom Seal or Twin Seal
  • In-line with an extruder or out-of-line operation
  • Perforated (connected) or interleaved (loose) bags-on-a-roll (with or without core)
  • Individually folded and stacked bags
  • Optional clip feeder & taper units
  • Up to 600 feet per minute (190 meters per minute)
  • Draw tape capability
  • Suitable for a wide variety of bottom weld and twin seal applications including:
    • Trash bags and liners
    • Industrial bags/sacks
    • Tall kitchen can bags
    • Pedal bin bags
    • Swing bin bags
    • Dustbin bags
    • Freezer and point-of-sale bags
    • Clothes collection bags
  • Attachments and accessories for a variety of applications.


Continuous Motion Brochures:
M440 Separator Brochure
M450 Winder Brochure


Contact your Hudson-Sharp Area Sales Manager today to review your specific application needs! 


Sample Continuous Motion Bag Styles

rotary1 rotary2 rotary3 rotary4
rotary5 rotary6


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